Trusted Supply Chain

Locally made products are gaining greater awareness and CoShield is supporting regional manufacturing and distribution of items which are traditionally imported from offshore countries.

CoShield is a trusted local, regional business and manufacturing partner. We are generating business and employment in many communities. Through procurement and coordination, we are empowering teams globally to take trusted protection and prevention solutions to local markets.

Our team is focused on addressing the supply chain challenges, helping businesses to succeedin compliance, certification, regular and reliable supply, consistent pricing structure, stock availability, reliance on China or one manufacturer, group buying experience, sourcing locally, and building quality long-term relationships as a trusted supply partner.

CoShield specialises in international glove brokerage with established distribution points in multiple countries. We demand quality and certified compliant products to supply nitrile gloves to the health, medical, labs and emergency response industries and latex gloves to the food manufacturing, health & safety, hospitality, transport and retail. CoShield holds a global presence while exceeding expectations with local service, in an effort to make international glove trading less complicated and more accessible to our partners.


Coshield is addressing Key Supply Challenges

Compliance & Certification

Regular & Reliable Supply

Stock Availability

Balanced Sourcing

Group Buying Expertise

Trusted Pricing

Manufacturing Locally

Quality Relationships

Find out about our superior sourcing through the CoShield Global network and learn more about our manufacturing and distribution facilities in Europe & UK, the Americas and Asia Pacific:

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