Innovate Nitrile Gloves

CoShield is a leader in international glove brokerage, establishing distribution points in multiple countries for the Innovate and InnovatePLUS  nitrile examination glove range.  

We work with strategic group-buying networks around the world to access approved, certified protection products, brokering multi-million deals every month and has the ability to generate a new level of insights to the power of group-driven cooperation.

Key to successful sourcing is better buying power, better selling power, and better support from our expertise. Unlike other providers in different trading markets, CoShield Global doesn’t charge a subscription for this group buying and sourcing service.

Superior Sourcing

Procurement experts working to provide you with reduced pricing and promotional advantages enjoyed by the larger clients. CoShield Global consultants have years of combined experience in international trading.

Selling Power

Buying is only part of the solution. Our unique CoShield Global brand and access to trusted supply chain is designed to increase your sales as well as build loyalty between you and your customers.

Better Support

Our people and sourcing experience are the difference. We can support to help you develop your competitive edge with your people, reduce your ongoing costings and increase your profit.

Innovate Range

Leading the way in nitrile gloves

Coshield is a bulk wholesale provider and exporter of PPE raw material and work with manufacturing partners across United Kingdom, Europe, Australia and New Zealand.

Most notable is the polypropylene spun-bond non-woven fabric made in Australia and exported around the world. Spun-bond non-woven fabric is primarily used to manufacture PPE equipment including medical gowns and surgical masks.

Made with safe, latex-free materials. Customizable to fit your specific needs, we offer fabric with or without moisture holdout features in single layer to tri-layer structures. Flexible and breathable, our Isolation PPE Fabric is made from a non-woven composite material, providing reliable barrier protection from fluid contaminants and cross-contaminations.

Other raw material procurement includes products in demand, such as hand sanitiser and ethanol, as well as establishing partnerships with larger buying group retailer.