The Black Edition
The Black Edition

The Black Edition

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The CoShield Black Edition, also known as ILONA Black Edition, is a powder coated Aluminium dispenser with a mechanical pedal mechanism that avoids hands making contact with the sanitiser bottle. The CoShield Black Edition doesn’t need any permanent installation but can fixed to the ground. It’s very stable with a large foot plate and is vandal proof.

  • ✔ Zero touch = Zero contamination
  • ✔ 100% mechanical
  • ✔ No professional installation required
  • ✔ Durable & robust
  • ✔ Free Standing or fixed into position
  • ✔ No wall mounts, no batteries, no faulty sensors
  • ✔ Suitable for high-usage areas
  • ✔ Patented Design
  • ✔ Sanitizer refills



Bollard – Aluminium

Base – Plastic

(Materials may vary between regions)


Bollard – Aluminium

Height - 1000 mm

Base – 290-330 mm (Measurement differ between Regions)

Global Patent Pending (Patent# FR2003088)

Laser cut/engraved Logo (Varies between Brands)

The CoShield Advantage

  • ✔ Made locally in all regions ensuring reliable supply chain and guaranteed quality.
  • ✔ Global brand driving innovation and development to a new level.



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